Teami: Don’t follow the crowd, be different.

Teami School of new BangaloreWhile the majority of students are flocking towards the path that leads to an engineering and medical career, there is a section of creative people that wants to escape monotonous jobs and careers. Such people are recognizing the opportunities provided by the Entertainment and Media industry. Being a dynamic institute of entertainment and media studies, we at Teami School of new Bangalore make sure to provide a variety of courses in this field. Read on to know a brief description of three of our most sought after courses:

  • Event Management: This is one of the most rewarding courses that ensure a successful and promising career. During the course, students get the basic ideas regarding important aspects like marketing, communication and business. After the completion of course the students are skilled enough to survive the tough competition in this field.
  • Advertising: We all know the importance of advertising. In the recent times there has been a manifold increase in the demand of people who have a complete knowledge about the field of advertising. Our program helps the students to develop and enhance their skills in order to excel in the advertising industry.
  • Public Relations: Most of the companies and institutions are hiring PR consultants in order to put forward a clean and clear image. So this has increased the demand of PR consultants to a great extent. In our course we have a structured way of equipping the students with the right kind of knowledge and skills that are required to become a successful PR consultant.

 Depending upon their personal requirement, the students can get themselves enrolled in Diploma/Degree courses in the above three dynamic courses. We make sure to serve our students in the best possible manner.