teami school of new advertising

Advertising is the domain that can make a very small thing to appear as big in the market. Advertising is an art of conveying the message to masses in the most striking and impressive means. Advertising is generally done for commercialized products in the market and for the services of various companies that can attract the customers and give them wealthy outcomes. In India, there is a vast advertising sector that plays the role to provide quality jobs to thousands of individuals in few years.

Career in advertising sector is very productive employment option that one can choose in this fastest growing Indian economy. Advertising sector prefers creative, talented, positive, and excellent tem players. The advertising sector is very competitive that requires highly targeted, focused, and hardworking candidates.

An MBA program in advertising and media is an advanced cutting edge program developed in consultation with media. In the MBA program you are guided step by step for language, communication skills, team or leadership skills, stress or pressure management, persuasiveness, confidence, and competitiveness. One of the best practices you can get into this job is to get an on-job training that will provided with an internship as part of the curriculum. The foremost requisite to take a course in advertising need a spark that engages your language, communication skills, drawing, innovative thinking, and so on at the time of admission through an entrance exam and with a minimum 50 percent scoring.

If you find yourself with the qualities, such as enthusiastic, creative, and optimistic in nature, then advertising is the right career point for you, wherein your multitalented approach can be evaluated. MBA can be done from various domestic and multinational companies in India and therefore the individual creativity and capability for innovation any day counts more than academic degree in this fast paced business . The Teami school of New Bangalore offers an MBA in advertising and media with a recognized UGC and the Ministry of Human Resource Development partnership affiliation from Government of India. Teami school has a renowned industry experts for providing best faculty and training to students as per the market competition. The MBA degree is recognized by BHARATHIDASAN UNIVERSITY, which serves for All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).


2 thoughts on “MBA IN ADVERTISING

  1. I just completed my graduation and am looking for a professional course in advertising and media. Though I have interest in this sector, then one of my friends suggested visiting the Teami, an entertainment and media institute in the heart of Bangalore. Then after getting their counseling session and examining my interest they suggested me to have Masters Diploma in Advertising and Media Professional. This one year full time program helped be increase my skills and molded them in a professional manner. Now, I am posted in a media company and gaining live experience of media. This made my dream come true and I would like to thank all the faculty members for their throughout immense support.


  2. I would like share my experience… I had been a student of Teami school.. I done my management course in advertising from here and very happy that i did from here.. now i am working in reowned company… teami school is that place where we can learn new things everyday..


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