5 Benefits of Advanced Certificate in Digital & Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing uses promotional plans to sponsor services and products by using social media platforms. Social media plays an essential role in marketing strategy, wherein global businesses discover ways to contribute for the growth and success of various domains of a company. Social media campaigns are generally done by making fans, followers with the help of useful content and running contests within your users. Campaigns can also be done by paid advertisement in social platforms, such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

A market survey has estimated that social media efforts has produced 90 % more exposure in their corporate world and helps to increase their website traffic online. Hence, a high rate of improvement will be no longer ignored to account the benefits of social media marketing:

  • Better Audience on the Way

Business majorly aims to work for knowing customer’s demands well and meet their satisfaction. Social media help to gather a better audience and use networks to supply their needs and provide useful information.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

Social media is a platform where you can directly deal with customer’s comments, concerns, and queries. Though a business must have its own customer service department that manage issues via phone calls or emails. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ facilitates to answer in public and let others also see the quality of your service.

  • Distribute Content Easily

Social media use the content marketing and distribution methods to spread the information to the world in few clicks. Social media is already accountable for transferring traffic to the websites and align your content to brand your products and services.

  • Enhance your Website Traffic

Social media provides reasons to share content and link users to connect with your website. Marketing plans when add social media helps to engage more links and users to tour your website.

  • Increase SEO Ranking

The search engine optimization allows you to optimize your websites whose blogs are periodically updated. By sharing your business services and products related content as blogs help in branding the credibility, legitimacy, and trust of the company.

Team.i is a reputed entertainment and media institute in the best location of Bangalore. This institution offers an advanced certification in digital and social media marketing. This is a three month course affiliated by The Public Relations Council of India (PRCI).


A Certification in Public Relations Matters!

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A practical skill to learn how things work and spread information between individuals and organizations are public relations. Public relations majorly involves persuading the public, customers, employees, partners, and clients to continue a certain view about the organization, its products, leaderships, decisions, and other aspects. The public relationship management largely designed for the next generation and futuristic prospects.

Public relations play a major role in dealing with an effective association for research, plan, and deliberately communicate with investors, employees, associates, and other collaborators of the company. The public relations, basically work in PR and marketing firms, government, public officials, business companies, and nonprofit organizations, and non governmental organizations. Their corresponding jobs are permitted to work as media relations manager, account executive, account coordinator, and account supervisor. You can pursue a public relations degree or certification, when you find your skills strong in writing and oral abilities, is focused and creative.

Public relations are not merely concerned to ignite the public affairs and spread what the public need to hear. It is all about igniting the right amount of awareness and building relationships to make the best solutions in terms of the company’s goodwill. Public relations makes the brand dwell and earn a quality reputation in the market. Public relations helps to build healthy relationships with your investors, employees, partners, stakeholders, by corresponding to the best way to bring exciting and constructive brand image in the market.

Team.i is a reputed entertainment and media institute in the best location of Bangalore. Team.i offer a certification course in Public Relations, which is all about communicating the public needs that a particular organization wants to their public to hear, in order to build, manage, and maintain a good will. This helps when the brand grows within the public as it grows in the market. The Team.i courses are recognized by The Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) and is recommended by various students placed in different companies.

Advanced Certificate in Event Management

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Nowadays, the concept of event management is one of the fastest growing fields in the industry. Event management incorporates management of personal events, leisure events, cultural events, religious events, organization events, corporate events, and many more. Event management is a special type of project that requires special attention to manage the creation and development of large scale events like conferences, ceremonies, festivals, formal arties, concerts, and so on. For this, the professional event management approach goes by first understanding the brands to whom you are endorsed i.e., it must be studied in detail. Next, the brands all relative services must be checked to map their logistics and coordinate the technical aspects before actually launching the project.

There are various courses offered in the market for event management, which can take a diploma, certificate, or to a master’s degree. The professionals in event management can find employment in various fields like corporate convention management, music festivals coordination, event coordination and management, exhibitions, special events, sports events, marketing, business administration, and management associated with event management and marketing. The certification in event management can prepares you for early stage as well as experiences professionals for career opportunities in the Corporate Event Management.

Teami, the Entertainment & Media Institute is a premier business school in Bangalore offers various “generation next” courses that deals with event management, public relations, advertising, sports management, digital marketing, and integrated marketing communications. The Event Management in Teami facilitates:

  • 2 years full time MBA in Event Management & Activation
  • 1 year full time Masters Diploma in Event Management & Activation-Professional
  • 1 year full time Diploma in Event Management & Activation-Professional
  • 6 months full time advance certification in Event Management

Event Management is the next generation program designed to take the industry by the wind. There are various courses and degrees offered in the market for event management, but you have to choose from the excellent and efficient institute that can make you responsible for the planning and resourcing of bigger events. Team.i courses are affiliated to The Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) that proves highly beneficial when looking for an employment in the corporate world.