Advanced Certificate in Event Management

teami school of new bangalore

Nowadays, the concept of event management is one of the fastest growing fields in the industry. Event management incorporates management of personal events, leisure events, cultural events, religious events, organization events, corporate events, and many more. Event management is a special type of project that requires special attention to manage the creation and development of large scale events like conferences, ceremonies, festivals, formal arties, concerts, and so on. For this, the professional event management approach goes by first understanding the brands to whom you are endorsed i.e., it must be studied in detail. Next, the brands all relative services must be checked to map their logistics and coordinate the technical aspects before actually launching the project.

There are various courses offered in the market for event management, which can take a diploma, certificate, or to a master’s degree. The professionals in event management can find employment in various fields like corporate convention management, music festivals coordination, event coordination and management, exhibitions, special events, sports events, marketing, business administration, and management associated with event management and marketing. The certification in event management can prepares you for early stage as well as experiences professionals for career opportunities in the Corporate Event Management.

Teami, the Entertainment & Media Institute is a premier business school in Bangalore offers various “generation next” courses that deals with event management, public relations, advertising, sports management, digital marketing, and integrated marketing communications. The Event Management in Teami facilitates:

  • 2 years full time MBA in Event Management & Activation
  • 1 year full time Masters Diploma in Event Management & Activation-Professional
  • 1 year full time Diploma in Event Management & Activation-Professional
  • 6 months full time advance certification in Event Management

Event Management is the next generation program designed to take the industry by the wind. There are various courses and degrees offered in the market for event management, but you have to choose from the excellent and efficient institute that can make you responsible for the planning and resourcing of bigger events. Team.i courses are affiliated to The Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) that proves highly beneficial when looking for an employment in the corporate world.


One thought on “Advanced Certificate in Event Management

  1. I was always afraid form the industry exposure, as they require fluent spoken English to discuss and interact. But this is mandatory for any candidate to fetch a job. I then joined Teami institute of Media in Bangalore. They advised to get a Certificate course in Spoken English. They judged each student with their own ability and weakness. Then the students are trained as per their need, weakness, and requirements and provide special assistance. The faculty was very helpful and sharpened my skills. Now, I feel free to interact with people and get into friendly group conversations done in English. The course done from Teami helped me allot to enrich my skills and I would like to advise students that hesitate while speaking English to go for this course for sure.


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