Plan For your Beach Wedding

In our day, many hustling couples run short of time and cash when it comes to planning and funding their wedding. Out of all, beach weddings are considered to be a wise yet elegant solution to the expenditure and hassles usually allied with traditional weddings. In general, a beach wedding is simpler to plan, economical to pay for and a whole lot more enjoyable – for one and all.

  1. Select your location sensibly

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Beaches are typically blustery and one has to be mindful of the tides as well. For your wedding ceremony, aim to choose an inlet or area sheltered from direct winds………………...continue reading


Fun Facts about Public Relations

Teami school of new Explains Public Relations as:

Public Relations experts often grieve that they’re misunderstood by the common public. Many people believe they know exactly what PR does and how: study clients, cook a story, write down press releases, and reach out the masses through different channels of media. Even among the refined marketers, misconceptions about Public Relations and they we do for clients are still established. This industry is dynamic and so the tasks and responsibilities keep changing as per the trends. The industry expands its sphere of influence specifically through social media. It is fact that, once what was true about the industry may not be true any longer, and it was never simple to understand this industry.

To break these myths, listed below are some of the fun facts about Public Relation that most people don’t know.

teami school of new bangalore public relation


  • Public Relation is not about self praising or spinning. It’s about informing the people about truthful stories and enlightening brands and/or person.
  • A PR professional is often called out to be a soloist, whereas he/she is more of a conductor.
  • Every single day the PR professionals face new challenges and exercise their communications muscles by creating, strategizing, planning, speaking, presenting, etc.
  • Their job is such that they more often get access to VIPs and they find out most of the VIPs are as human beings, as we are. They are all same.
  • It’s simple not a 9 to 5 desk job. You have to do PR everywhere you go.
  • The fun factor about this job is that every day is different and unpredictable.
  • It’s true that a low-scale PR program’s expenditure is perhaps peanuts as compared to a heftily paid media schedule, but it’s still important. Budgets differ widely. The key is to meet the needs with the right PR source and approach.Also See : Public Relation Presentation