5 Salient Features of a Good Advertisement

teami school of new

The advertisement copy represents the on paper contents of the advertisement such as its text and head line. It is also known as the heart of advertising and must be drafted with extreme care; or else the complete amount invested in running the advertisement campaign will fritter away. Teami School of New Bangalore suggests the following fundamental features of drafting a good advertisement copy:

  1. It should be simple

The foremost constituent of an advertisement copy is that the language should be simple enough. It should be such that people are able to understand the message properly at once. The ad copy must not contain ornamental and tough words; rather short, simple and crisps words should be used.

  1. It should grab the reader’s attention

An advertisement copy ought to capable of grabbing the interest of the reader. Headlines should be straightforward and correctly worded. It should be short and crisp enough to stimulate the reader to read ahead.

  1. It must be suggestive

The advertisement copy must be suggesting and inform the reader about the utility and benefits of the product. Attention-grabbing slogans can be used to provide suggestions to the target audience.

  1. It should have conviction value

The advertisement copy should be capable enough of having perpetual impression on the reader, if the suggestions are supported by influential arguments. The reader should certainly not have any distrust on the quality of the product.

  1. It should be factual

An advertisement copy should not misguide the readers. It should be truthful and reveal the true facts about the product. It should clearly expose the limitations of the product, if any. For example, a cloth vendor should obviously specify about the fading of color and shrinkage of thread, if it is so.