Why digital marketing strategy is important?


In this age and era of technology, almost all the business entities are in great need of digital marketing. It is a good platform of promoting the products and services in an effective way. However, at present the scenario has changed a bit, these days companies need a properly structured digital marketing strategy in order to gain an edge over their competitors. Read on to know the reasons, suggested by the experts from Teami School of New that explains the importance of digital marketing strategy:

  1. Increasing use of Internet

These days internet is the fastest and the largest mode of communication, information and advertising. The number of internet users is increasing day by day and therefore it has opened the door for the companies to market their products and services to a wider range of potential customers. So with the help of digital marketing strategy you can effectively market your products and services in a better way.

  1. Competitors will gain market share

This is a sure shot fact that there is an intense competition in almost all the spheres of trade. If you’re not dedicating sufficient resources to digital marketing then you are walking towards loss as your competitors will take advantage and jump ahead of you in the business. You need to be actively involved with your customers through various means like blogs, mobile apps, etc. or else your competitors would steal your customers by providing them with better services.

  1. To keep records

Digital marketing strategy is a good option of maintaining various records such as how many people are visiting your website, how many of them are visiting your website regularly and so on. This way you would be able to analyze the growth of your company from time to time. So in this competitive atmosphere it is crucial to keep a check on your company’s performance.


Get the Most Value From Your MBA


Choosing an apt career for oneself has always been a matter of redicament for young generation. This is one decision in life which is once made is next to be irrevocable. But not yet peeps hold your horses and allow us to tell you how you can retrieve and achieve best returns on the investments done by you on your MBA education.

Without an appropriate experience, having done an MBA is like a ship without rudder leading you nowhere. The degree of MBA does not make any difference but the skill sets possessed by you do. They are the valuable assets for any company which prove your mettle and potential. Knowledge gives power but your ability to expand that horizon of knowledge is what makes you a professional MBA student with the help of professional tools required by organizations to accomplish their missions.

Another imperative aspect is seeing that if the goals of the company you wish to work for or are working for and your own goals are in sync. If not, then there’s a vital need of re-evaluating potential opportunities provided by the company and your own expectations. Moves have to be made to achieve more hands-on-experience so that you become assets for the organization and further seen as a potential promotion material by the company.

What comes next is how your MBA is being utilized by you. How the work done by you is impacting the growth of the company. Is that growth negative or positive? In which way is your MBA a virtue for the company? What benefits can be derived from it in the future?

However, if there is some more inquisitiveness left inside you waiting to be satiated, then Teami School of New Bangalore is the right place for you. Teami School is one of the premier institutes which renders career based degrees and diplomas to the students bearing in minds the current specific needs of the industry and organizations.

why choose MBA as a career

teami school of new bangalore MBA

Why choose MBA as a career Choosing to do an MBA is a big step. It requires self-discipline, time and financial commitment, and potentially a career break if you study full-time. An MBA degree is a popular option among fresh graduates or working professionals due to the career advancement offered by it.

If you are still thinking about pursuing an MBA degree, the following post offers you the top reasons to study an MBA program Reasons to Pursue an MBA Degree:

1) Widely Recognized: An MBA degree is a highly recognized degree in the national and international job market. MBA graduates from reputed B-schools are recognized as a great human resource by the top corporate houses, banking institutions, companies, and management firms. Pursuing a career in MBA offers a promising career.

2) Better Earning Potentials: Pursuing well-recognized degree courses like an MBA is the gateway to high paying jobs. B-schools graduates get starting salaries that can only be imagined about the job seekers in other fields. Studying MBA courses serves as your investment for the future.

3) Expand Networking Resources: Management studies involve industry exposures, internship programs, seminars, guest lectures and corporate discussions that  allow them to expand their networking skills. MBA careers like sales managers, corporate manager and investment bankers involve interaction with people from different backgrounds and different people. Hence, it offers a great opportunity to grow as a professional.

4) Open for All: The biggest advantage of pursuing an MBA program is that such courses are available for all. A wide range of executive management programs, full-time programs, online MBA programs, distance learning programs and part-time MBA courses makes it possible for every aspiring candidate to pick a course according to his need.

5) Start Your Own Venture: An MBA degree is a must for those who plan to start their own business and learn business skills. MBA curriculum offered by reputed business schools in India allow students to develop communication skills, analytical skills, business acumen, leadership skills and team work required to start your own venture. The business world is a highly competitive and complex world. Hence, learning the skills required in the field becomes easier by pursuing an MBA degree.

6) Learn and Choose Specialization: The full-time MBA program mainly offers a fine knowledge of the different branches such as HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, E-commerce, and International Business during the first year of the program. In the second year, students are allowed to specialize in the area of their interest and as per their career plans. Hence, students can specialize in either marketing, human resource, finance and other specializations to take a step closer to their dream career.

Team.i, The Entertainment & Media Institute is a premier Business School located in the heart of Bangalore. We offer “Generation next”, career based, Degrees and Diplomas in the verticals of EVENT MANAGEMENT, PUBLIC RELATIONS, ADVERTISING, SPORTS MANAGEMENT, DIGITAL MARKETING & INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS. team.i was founded to address the needs of one of the most transformative and rapidly developing sectors in the country and around the world – Media and Entertainment. For the past decade or so, the industry has seen unprecedented growth which has created a huge vacuum for talented and qualified professionals.



Careers in events management seem to be alluring more and more youth. In fact, even homemakers have stepped into the industry and organize small and private events in their spare time. Also, there are event management companies that take on consultants, who work with them on a freelance basis, as and when the need arises. Thus there is a lot of scope in the field of event management. And the event manager jobs are ever increasing. Hundreds of broad-based sport management master’s degree programs exist   that provide students with an overview of content across a number of topic areas. Event management includes executing the event, all the way to full service management, including sponsorship sales and promotional campaigns.

Organizing a perfectly synchronized, well planned, well conducted and memorable event requires the supervision and services of well trained and experienced event professionals. Therefore event management companies are always on a look out for event professionals. A sports events manager organizes and co-ordinates everything to do with sporting events. Sporting events can be as large as the Olympic Games or as small as a social evening for a local team. A sports events manager will normally:

  • Organize and manage events like exhibitions, conferences, social events and, of course, sports events
  • Work with events committees
  • Co-ordinate and support major sporting events

A sports manager majorly helps to manage, support, and co-ordinate sporting events, on both small and large scales. They work with teams and committees to manage the event in the most effective way. Sports management professionals oversee the business and promotional concerns of athletic organizations or athletes. Sports management professionals may also create marketing programs, oversee ticket sales or engage in public relations activities. The opportunities that exist in sports management include everything from coaching/managing teams to event management to sports venue management to recreation management. A sports management degree from an accredited program can provide this background and is geared specifically towards those that are interested in pursuing sports management careers.

While connections and athletic experience may be a prerequisite to many of these coaching positions, a degree in sports management is often acquired by these individuals as they proceed in their career. Even amateur sports teams are run like businesses and background and education in the business side of sports is beneficial to anyone pursuing a career in coaching. Team.i, the Entertainment & Media Institute is a premier Business School located in the heart of Bangalore offers generation next, career based, MBA in events and sports management. They also serve various Degrees and Diplomas in different verticals. Their Mantra is to “bridge the gaps between” Industry requirements and students aspiration.


teami school of new advertising

Advertising is the domain that can make a very small thing to appear as big in the market. Advertising is an art of conveying the message to masses in the most striking and impressive means. Advertising is generally done for commercialized products in the market and for the services of various companies that can attract the customers and give them wealthy outcomes. In India, there is a vast advertising sector that plays the role to provide quality jobs to thousands of individuals in few years.

Career in advertising sector is very productive employment option that one can choose in this fastest growing Indian economy. Advertising sector prefers creative, talented, positive, and excellent tem players. The advertising sector is very competitive that requires highly targeted, focused, and hardworking candidates.

An MBA program in advertising and media is an advanced cutting edge program developed in consultation with media. In the MBA program you are guided step by step for language, communication skills, team or leadership skills, stress or pressure management, persuasiveness, confidence, and competitiveness. One of the best practices you can get into this job is to get an on-job training that will provided with an internship as part of the curriculum. The foremost requisite to take a course in advertising need a spark that engages your language, communication skills, drawing, innovative thinking, and so on at the time of admission through an entrance exam and with a minimum 50 percent scoring.

If you find yourself with the qualities, such as enthusiastic, creative, and optimistic in nature, then advertising is the right career point for you, wherein your multitalented approach can be evaluated. MBA can be done from various domestic and multinational companies in India and therefore the individual creativity and capability for innovation any day counts more than academic degree in this fast paced business . The Teami school of New Bangalore offers an MBA in advertising and media with a recognized UGC and the Ministry of Human Resource Development partnership affiliation from Government of India. Teami school has a renowned industry experts for providing best faculty and training to students as per the market competition. The MBA degree is recognized by BHARATHIDASAN UNIVERSITY, which serves for All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Integrated Marketing Communication

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The term Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is an approach to achieve the targets or goals of a specific marketing campaign, wherein there is a need of well coordination and use of promotions. Integrated Marketing Communications be aware of the value of inclusive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communication disciples advertising, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotions. These all are combined with clarity and a consistent approach to maximize impact. The organization need to promote their brands to their end-users to outsource their competitors for giving them challenges and also maintaining themselves for the long run. By promoting the brands the integrated marketing communications can be controlled, such as:

  • By advertising
  • By sales promotions
  • By public relations
  • By direct marketing
  • By personal selling
  • By social media

The Integrated Marketing Communications can be understated by:

  • The Foundation where detailed analyses of both the product and markets are done.
  • The Corporate Culture where the products and services must keep in line with the work culture of the organization.
  • The Brand Focus where the goal is to represent the corporate identity as a reputed brand.
  • The Customer Experience where the marketers focus on customers feedbacks and meet with the customers’ expectations.
  • The Communication Tools where a specific brand is promoted with advertisings, direct selling’s, promoting through social media, and so on.
  • The Integrated Tools where an organization keeps periodic check to the feedbacks and reviews.

In other words, the Integrated Marketing Communications is considered as a consistent brand messaging in both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels. The Team.i School of new Bangalore provisions for all the marketing requirements united to deliver careful coordination’s to the customers. Teami School avails an incorporated advertising tools, avenues, functions, and sources into a program that capitalizes on the impact on customers and ensures their faith and trust in the brand.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF Public Relation

teami school of new public_relations

A basic definition of public relations is to shape and maintain the image of a company, organization or individual in the eyes of the client’s various “public.” What is a “public” exactly? A public, in PR terms, is anyone who ever has or ever will form an opinion about the client.
Depending on the nature of the client’s work, these public could include clients, potential clients, voters, members of the local community, members of the media, students, parents of students , online fans groups, foreign citizens the list is endless.
Public relations arrived with the development of mass media. At the turn of the 20th century, “muckraking” journalists were stirring up public dissent against the powerful monopolies and wealthy industrialists who ruled the day. Early public relations firms combated the bad press by placing positive stories about their clients in newspapers.
Former journalists, such as Ivy Lee, used the first press releases to feed newspapers “the facts” about his misunderstood clients, namely the railroad and tobacco industries, and J.D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil.
Lee and company became so good at whitewashing even the darkest corporate sins that PR professionals earned a reputation as “spin doctors.”
Much time has passed since the days of Ivy Lee, and to label today’s PR professionals as dishonest would be to ignore how pervasive and important their work has become to people and organizations of all shapes and sizes — small businesses, authors, activists, universities, and non-profit organizations — not just big business and big government.

Public relations is not about spicing up the curry to make up for the poor meat. It is about communicating what the public ‘needs’ to hear about organizations instead of what they ‘want’ to hear, in order to build, manage, and maintain a company’s goodwill, so that the brand grows on the public as it grows in the market.Today’s public relations professional does much more than sit behind a desk faxing out press releases. More than ever, he’s the public face of the client. It’s the PR professional who organizes community outreach and volunteer programs. It’s the PR representative who cultivates relationships with potential investors. And it’s the PR executive who goes on the cable TV news program to answer the tough questions.