A Career in Sports: Exposing the Myths


A career in sports is often looked at with skepticism, especially in India. Apart from being a sportsman, there are a lot more opportunities than you can imagine. You can make a progressive career in the field of sports management, content, sales, and much more. People often harbor wrong ideas about a career in sports. These ideas develop into excuses and roadblock their dreams. To address the problem, I, Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, bring you Teami School of New. This program instills students with confidence to be the change they want to see in the world.  Let’s take a look at the common misconceptions people have about a sports career:


A Career in Sports Management equals Hara-kiri: A lot of people have pointed out the ills of a sports management degree. What they fail to understand is that sports have become a more profitable business than it was 30 years ago. Do not believe in hearsay and demotivate yourself. Your success depends on your attitude apart from a degree.

A Master’s Degree is Necessary: Most openings in a sports organization do not require a master’s degree. You’ll need a fair idea of the type of job you want in sports. Acquaint yourself with people from different departments of a sports company. They’ll help you understand the needs of different profiles. When you work out a better picture, you can apply for the desired job rather than wasting time and money for a master’s degree.

Waiting for the Dream Job: People often hold out other job prospects in a sports company because of their dream profile. Working in the right organization is better than waiting for that dream job. You have better prospects if you start with something small, such as a job in sales, and work your way up the ladder.

Networking is essential: It is widely believed that ‘connections’ with the right people will swiftly get you a job. Although true to some extent, your skills will be more instrumental in getting a job. If you lack the qualifications required for a job, you will not be hired, even if you’re related to the CEO of the company.

More job applications mean better job chances: Spamming your resume to different companies is not a good idea. Instead, focus on one company and prepare yourself to ace its recruitment process.

Apart from all these points, believe in yourself and your skills. There is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it. Best of luck for a successful career!


Event Management, A Bright Career Option!

A multi-million dollar sector, Event Management is growing without cease. Endless events are hosted in a day, making event management a prospective career option for many. Becoming a successful event manager is a cakewalk for anyone who is an active and synchronisedgo-getter or social buff. However, right qualifications, definite event management skills and exposure to media are equally important.

Team.i, one of the best event management institutes in Bangalore, discusses the scope of event management as a career.

What is event management?

Event management is all about organizing, hosting and managing events professionally for a special target audience. It is a vast area that entails tasks from designing the basic framework, to finding the location, hunting sponsors to working with vendors and booking artists, to arranging transportation. Coordinating with different teams and finalizing each attribute before the onset of any event is also an important aspect of event management.

Role of an event manager

Event management is just not about glitz, glamour and flamboyance. An event manager is required to be focused, while being acquainted with all the latest market trends. The job responsibility involves a lot of brainstorming and hard work when it comes to visualizing concepts, executing ideas, maintaining budget and organizing events. There are a number of corporate and social events that an event manager organizes, such as:

  • Product launches
  • Theme parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Wedding celebrations
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Corporate seminars
  • Conferences
  • Musical concerts
  • Road shows
  • Celebrity promotions
  • Film awards
  • Fashion shows

Basic skills

Excellent networking and public relation abilities backed by strong communication skills are a mandatory requirement for a flourishing career in the field of event management. An ideal event planner or manager also must possess qualities like leadership, creativity, flexibility, diplomacy and an eye for detail.

Diploma in Event Management

Educational qualifications

Planning and organizing events on a professional level, be it corporate or social, require relevant educational qualifications.A degree or diploma in event management courses in Bangalore, PR, or other related domains like hospitality, tourism, marketing and business administration can instantly boost your prospects of landing into a high-paying event manager’s role.

Team.i– the School of New has designed a special event management program for aspirants willing to join this industry. Visit Teami.org to get details on event management diploma in Bangalore.