How to Study Effectively without Distractions


Excelling in academics is what every student dreams of, but very few people are able to achieve it. The reason is not always lack of interest; it can be lack of a proper environment where a student can focus on his subjects. Under the leadership of Arvind Jyot Sabahney, Teami School of New presents effective ways to ace in academics:

Make a time-table

The first thing you should do, is create a schedule for the studies. Divide all your subjects equally for the day. Make sure you add breaks and recreational periods. This way, you’ll be pumped mentally and physically for tests.

Find the right spot

A commotion-free place is needed to concentrate on your lessons. This means a place near television or a radio is big no-no. If you live in a noisy environment, it is better to find a library. Arranging a study, full of aesthetics to allure the mind to study is a good idea too.

Turn off your mobile

A smart phone can be a bane to your concentration. Every time you pay attention to a chapter, the message ping is bound to disrupt you focus.

Prioritize everything

Based on the CEO and Worker Bee model, make two to-do lists that serialize your lessons. The first list plans your lessons. The second list applies that agenda. Additionally, you’re better off creating a not-to-do list that keeps a tab on the time wasting activities, such as texting on phones or playing video games.

Keep note-making traditional

Instead of using technology to make notes, use the traditional pen and paper. That way you’ll write fast and won’t be distracted from supporting elements in a word processor.

Self control is important

You should learn when to say “no”. There are a lot of tempting activities out there that will make you reconsider your planned schedule. You need to understand that these temporary attractions will only make you stray from your goal. Meditate on this fact and you’ll feel a lot wiser.


Best of luck for your studies!


Top 10 Qualities Of A Born Event Manager

Event-Management teami school of new bangalore

As the advanced technologies are finding their ways to make things simpler, it has also drastically transformed the world of event management in the last few years. Event management companies have started using event software which helps in smooth functioning. And if an event manager utilizes the available technology wisely, he can gain an edge over his competitors. However, we cannot overlook the importance of certain inherent qualities of the event managers. It is these qualities that tell apart an excellent event manager from an average one. As per Team.i School of New Bangalore, if you have the following qualities, you can proudly say that you are a born event manager:

  1. Good Interpersonal Skills

An event manager has to coordinate with his team and other concerned people so as to ensure that the event is a success. For this the manager should be capable to notify and listen without any issues. A good event manager understands the client’s needs and then plan strategies accomplish those needs or come up with innovative options.

  1. Flexibility

Nothing is permanent when organizing events is concerned. Everything is in a state of instability and things can change even at the last moment. Therefore, an event manager should be flexible enough to cope up with such changes and work accordingly. You need to be geared up to face any sort of circumstances and be able to think innovatively.

  1. Energetic

Events are awfully demanding and if you want to host a thriving one, you should be bursting out with energy and passion.

  1. Tech Freak

Event management procedures have changed massively with the availability of advanced technology, so an event manager should be well-acquainted with it. This will assist you to get things completed faster and also make you more well-organized and productive as an event manager.

Tips for Becoming a Professional DJ

Tips for Becoming a Professional DJEach host endeavors to make the gathering all the more enjoyable for the guests. An expert DJ can go out of the way to intensify the fun element in a gathering with some music, which would definitely charm them. The demand for the DJs has quickly expanded in the past few years.

To take care of this huge demand, various professional DJ training classes have come up. An expert DJ course from Teami School Of New Bangalore can efficiently gear up people to become expert DJs.

Such courses train people in music and other aspects related to it.

Picking music equipments are critical for an efficient performance by a music DJ. Disc, turntables, table top CD players and base DJ instruments should be satisfactorily set up and the individual must know how to work these instruments.

Complete knowledge about diverse sorts of music is vital to function as an expert DJ. Laser light shows likewise add to the general execution levels of expert Disk Jockeys. An all round knowledge of different kind of music types and styles is very much required to function as a DJ. A proficient music DJ can surely add to the general appealing elements of any gathering or party.