Events and Wedding Planner Courses

Weddings are most important part of anyone’s life. Everyone wants that his wedding should be unique and most happening. Most of the people show interest in organizing their wedding by wedding planers. Nowadays wedding planning and event planning courses are popular among the students. Wedding industry is growing worldwide annually. More precise the wedding style is more the married couple gets noticed. Although the person behind organizing the stuff will remain unnoticed but surely he/she will be the soul of wedding arrangements. So if anyone wants to become famous, he can choose career in wedding and event planning course.


Institutes for wedding planners in Bangalore suggest some tips which are beneficial in choosing these courses:

The life of a wedding planner is hectic one but no doubt he is also famous for his work in the industry. Another achievement of these courses is the beautiful smiles that come by seeing the perfect arrangements on people faces. Also, it is a perfect business and a growth area that is getting a lot of attention and growing rapidly. Wedding arrangements are the big issue of a wedding as it creates lots of stress and tension. People are so busy in their works that they have no time to take care of the arrangements of their own wedding. Wedding planner is a blessing to these couples. He helps them a lot in every small arrangement of the wedding. Also, it is a very attractive business for youngsters who want to grow in very less time.

As wedding planner is also a course so one has to get trained before starting their business. Big reality of this field is that no one going to employ you without having any training in this course from a recognized institute. For a best wedding planner, it is important to maintain and develop your reputation in the market where you want to grow your business. Before joining any institute or college the credential must be checked. If you have potential, creativity and great imagination power than this course may lead you towards the category of world famous wedding planners. So hurry up, if you are interested in these courses just enroll yourself in Teami School of new.


Planning A Perfect Wedding Reception

Planning your wedding reception entails a lot of effort and it initiates with deciding on the location and type of reception the couple desires. Don’t worry, it’s not a rocket science, provided you’re aware of imperative things that need to be covered and what’s more, you can have loads of fun with it too! Teami school of new suggests a basic checklist that you need to follow for a perfect wedding reception.

Lay down your budget

This is the next major thing, as planning your wedding reception will call for the biggest expenditure. When you go to hire the reception venue, you’ll have to provide an approximate number of guests you’re expecting on that day. Therefore, it is important to pen down your reception list; this will also give you a fair estimate of the cost per head.

Organize the photography of the reception

Definitely, you would want to preserve the photos of your reception to relive the memories few years down the line. Organize pictures with family and peers, in special groups on the stage.

Choose the food

There will always be few guests with dietary limitations, so you will have to provide vegetarian, gluten-free, and other options as required. It’s a good idea to ask your guests beforehand for advice concerning allergies. Decide how many main wedding courses and snacks you want for a sit-down dinner and make sure you check this against your budget.

Decide ceremonial aspects

Consider whether you want to have any additional ceremonial aspect for your reception. For instance, you might desire to have the garter belt removal tradition in the presence of the guests. And you may perhaps wish to shower the flowers at your reception, on the word of tradition.

Plan For your Beach Wedding

In our day, many hustling couples run short of time and cash when it comes to planning and funding their wedding. Out of all, beach weddings are considered to be a wise yet elegant solution to the expenditure and hassles usually allied with traditional weddings. In general, a beach wedding is simpler to plan, economical to pay for and a whole lot more enjoyable – for one and all.

  1. Select your location sensibly

beach wedding teami school of new bangalore

Beaches are typically blustery and one has to be mindful of the tides as well. For your wedding ceremony, aim to choose an inlet or area sheltered from direct winds………………...continue reading