Events and Wedding Planner Courses

Weddings are most important part of anyone’s life. Everyone wants that his wedding should be unique and most happening. Most of the people show interest in organizing their wedding by wedding planers. Nowadays wedding planning and event planning courses are popular among the students. Wedding industry is growing worldwide annually. More precise the wedding style is more the married couple gets noticed. Although the person behind organizing the stuff will remain unnoticed but surely he/she will be the soul of wedding arrangements. So if anyone wants to become famous, he can choose career in wedding and event planning course.


Institutes for wedding planners in Bangalore suggest some tips which are beneficial in choosing these courses:

The life of a wedding planner is hectic one but no doubt he is also famous for his work in the industry. Another achievement of these courses is the beautiful smiles that come by seeing the perfect arrangements on people faces. Also, it is a perfect business and a growth area that is getting a lot of attention and growing rapidly. Wedding arrangements are the big issue of a wedding as it creates lots of stress and tension. People are so busy in their works that they have no time to take care of the arrangements of their own wedding. Wedding planner is a blessing to these couples. He helps them a lot in every small arrangement of the wedding. Also, it is a very attractive business for youngsters who want to grow in very less time.

As wedding planner is also a course so one has to get trained before starting their business. Big reality of this field is that no one going to employ you without having any training in this course from a recognized institute. For a best wedding planner, it is important to maintain and develop your reputation in the market where you want to grow your business. Before joining any institute or college the credential must be checked. If you have potential, creativity and great imagination power than this course may lead you towards the category of world famous wedding planners. So hurry up, if you are interested in these courses just enroll yourself in Teami School of new.


Planning A Perfect Wedding Reception

Planning your wedding reception entails a lot of effort and it initiates with deciding on the location and type of reception the couple desires. Don’t worry, it’s not a rocket science, provided you’re aware of imperative things that need to be covered and what’s more, you can have loads of fun with it too! Teami school of new suggests a basic checklist that you need to follow for a perfect wedding reception.

Lay down your budget

This is the next major thing, as planning your wedding reception will call for the biggest expenditure. When you go to hire the reception venue, you’ll have to provide an approximate number of guests you’re expecting on that day. Therefore, it is important to pen down your reception list; this will also give you a fair estimate of the cost per head.

Organize the photography of the reception

Definitely, you would want to preserve the photos of your reception to relive the memories few years down the line. Organize pictures with family and peers, in special groups on the stage.

Choose the food

There will always be few guests with dietary limitations, so you will have to provide vegetarian, gluten-free, and other options as required. It’s a good idea to ask your guests beforehand for advice concerning allergies. Decide how many main wedding courses and snacks you want for a sit-down dinner and make sure you check this against your budget.

Decide ceremonial aspects

Consider whether you want to have any additional ceremonial aspect for your reception. For instance, you might desire to have the garter belt removal tradition in the presence of the guests. And you may perhaps wish to shower the flowers at your reception, on the word of tradition.

Top 10 Qualities Of A Born Event Manager

Event-Management teami school of new bangalore

As the advanced technologies are finding their ways to make things simpler, it has also drastically transformed the world of event management in the last few years. Event management companies have started using event software which helps in smooth functioning. And if an event manager utilizes the available technology wisely, he can gain an edge over his competitors. However, we cannot overlook the importance of certain inherent qualities of the event managers. It is these qualities that tell apart an excellent event manager from an average one. As per Team.i School of New Bangalore, if you have the following qualities, you can proudly say that you are a born event manager:

  1. Good Interpersonal Skills

An event manager has to coordinate with his team and other concerned people so as to ensure that the event is a success. For this the manager should be capable to notify and listen without any issues. A good event manager understands the client’s needs and then plan strategies accomplish those needs or come up with innovative options.

  1. Flexibility

Nothing is permanent when organizing events is concerned. Everything is in a state of instability and things can change even at the last moment. Therefore, an event manager should be flexible enough to cope up with such changes and work accordingly. You need to be geared up to face any sort of circumstances and be able to think innovatively.

  1. Energetic

Events are awfully demanding and if you want to host a thriving one, you should be bursting out with energy and passion.

  1. Tech Freak

Event management procedures have changed massively with the availability of advanced technology, so an event manager should be well-acquainted with it. This will assist you to get things completed faster and also make you more well-organized and productive as an event manager.

Advanced Certificate in Event Management

teami school of new bangalore

Nowadays, the concept of event management is one of the fastest growing fields in the industry. Event management incorporates management of personal events, leisure events, cultural events, religious events, organization events, corporate events, and many more. Event management is a special type of project that requires special attention to manage the creation and development of large scale events like conferences, ceremonies, festivals, formal arties, concerts, and so on. For this, the professional event management approach goes by first understanding the brands to whom you are endorsed i.e., it must be studied in detail. Next, the brands all relative services must be checked to map their logistics and coordinate the technical aspects before actually launching the project.

There are various courses offered in the market for event management, which can take a diploma, certificate, or to a master’s degree. The professionals in event management can find employment in various fields like corporate convention management, music festivals coordination, event coordination and management, exhibitions, special events, sports events, marketing, business administration, and management associated with event management and marketing. The certification in event management can prepares you for early stage as well as experiences professionals for career opportunities in the Corporate Event Management.

Teami, the Entertainment & Media Institute is a premier business school in Bangalore offers various “generation next” courses that deals with event management, public relations, advertising, sports management, digital marketing, and integrated marketing communications. The Event Management in Teami facilitates:

  • 2 years full time MBA in Event Management & Activation
  • 1 year full time Masters Diploma in Event Management & Activation-Professional
  • 1 year full time Diploma in Event Management & Activation-Professional
  • 6 months full time advance certification in Event Management

Event Management is the next generation program designed to take the industry by the wind. There are various courses and degrees offered in the market for event management, but you have to choose from the excellent and efficient institute that can make you responsible for the planning and resourcing of bigger events. Team.i courses are affiliated to The Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) that proves highly beneficial when looking for an employment in the corporate world.

Event Management: An exciting career awaits you


In a very short span of time Event management has become one of the most sought after career option. Due to the MNC culture a huge number of companies are regularly hosting and organizing various events at large scale. As this trend has been expanding, there has been growing demand of professionals who are efficient enough to organize events. So this is where the role of Event Management creeps in the picture.

This particular field has been in so much demand that a huge number of youngsters aspire to make a career in this field. So to train these students various colleges and academic institutions have formulated a special course that deals with Event Management. M.B.A in Event Management has become a very popular course amongst students and every year more and more students are opting for this particular course.

Event Management is a very rewarding career option and once you reach at a good level after gaining some experience then there is no stopping for you in terms of career growth. This field looks simple but actually is demands a high level of creativity and presence of mind, managing and organizing an event is not a child’s play after all.
Experts from Team.i the School of New suggest that aspiring event managers must understand that to enter this field one must be fully prepared to deal with the pressure that comes along with every project. It is important to understand that even a tiny mistake can ruin an entire event so you must be always alert while working.

After completing your MBA in Event Management, you can expect to seek jobs in various T.V. channels, PR Agencies, Media Companies, Films and Serial production houses, Hotels, Travel & Tourism companies, Advertising & Brand Consultants, Marketing Consultants, etc.