How to Study Effectively without Distractions


Excelling in academics is what every student dreams of, but very few people are able to achieve it. The reason is not always lack of interest; it can be lack of a proper environment where a student can focus on his subjects. Under the leadership of Arvind Jyot Sabahney, Teami School of New presents effective ways to ace in academics:

Make a time-table

The first thing you should do, is create a schedule for the studies. Divide all your subjects equally for the day. Make sure you add breaks and recreational periods. This way, you’ll be pumped mentally and physically for tests.

Find the right spot

A commotion-free place is needed to concentrate on your lessons. This means a place near television or a radio is big no-no. If you live in a noisy environment, it is better to find a library. Arranging a study, full of aesthetics to allure the mind to study is a good idea too.

Turn off your mobile

A smart phone can be a bane to your concentration. Every time you pay attention to a chapter, the message ping is bound to disrupt you focus.

Prioritize everything

Based on the CEO and Worker Bee model, make two to-do lists that serialize your lessons. The first list plans your lessons. The second list applies that agenda. Additionally, you’re better off creating a not-to-do list that keeps a tab on the time wasting activities, such as texting on phones or playing video games.

Keep note-making traditional

Instead of using technology to make notes, use the traditional pen and paper. That way you’ll write fast and won’t be distracted from supporting elements in a word processor.

Self control is important

You should learn when to say “no”. There are a lot of tempting activities out there that will make you reconsider your planned schedule. You need to understand that these temporary attractions will only make you stray from your goal. Meditate on this fact and you’ll feel a lot wiser.


Best of luck for your studies!


A Career in Sports: Exposing the Myths


A career in sports is often looked at with skepticism, especially in India. Apart from being a sportsman, there are a lot more opportunities than you can imagine. You can make a progressive career in the field of sports management, content, sales, and much more. People often harbor wrong ideas about a career in sports. These ideas develop into excuses and roadblock their dreams. To address the problem, I, Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, bring you Teami School of New. This program instills students with confidence to be the change they want to see in the world.  Let’s take a look at the common misconceptions people have about a sports career:


A Career in Sports Management equals Hara-kiri: A lot of people have pointed out the ills of a sports management degree. What they fail to understand is that sports have become a more profitable business than it was 30 years ago. Do not believe in hearsay and demotivate yourself. Your success depends on your attitude apart from a degree.

A Master’s Degree is Necessary: Most openings in a sports organization do not require a master’s degree. You’ll need a fair idea of the type of job you want in sports. Acquaint yourself with people from different departments of a sports company. They’ll help you understand the needs of different profiles. When you work out a better picture, you can apply for the desired job rather than wasting time and money for a master’s degree.

Waiting for the Dream Job: People often hold out other job prospects in a sports company because of their dream profile. Working in the right organization is better than waiting for that dream job. You have better prospects if you start with something small, such as a job in sales, and work your way up the ladder.

Networking is essential: It is widely believed that ‘connections’ with the right people will swiftly get you a job. Although true to some extent, your skills will be more instrumental in getting a job. If you lack the qualifications required for a job, you will not be hired, even if you’re related to the CEO of the company.

More job applications mean better job chances: Spamming your resume to different companies is not a good idea. Instead, focus on one company and prepare yourself to ace its recruitment process.

Apart from all these points, believe in yourself and your skills. There is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it. Best of luck for a successful career!

Why Digital Marketing?


The cut-throat competition in today’s world makes it necessary for businesses to reach more audiences than their competitors. Additionally, a practice is needed where instant results give your organization an edge over others. Digital marketing provides both, refurbishing the traditional marketing scene. Under the direction of Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, teami School offers you Digital Marketing 2.0.

Digital Marketing 2.0 program equips you with the skills needed to be a successful digital marketing professional. But why opt digital marketing? Let’s take a closer look:

  • Digital Marketers are in demand: From a small book shop to a gigantic online clothes store, digital marketing roles are needed everywhere. Moreover, digital marketing professionals are paid handsomely in six figures.
  • An Edge over the Competitors: Large sections in every commercial industry still engage in traditional marketing. Entrepreneurs educated in digital marketing will stay fathoms ahead of their competitors.
  • Cheaper Option: Costs incurred in digital marketing are lower. Online ad-campaigns are way cheaper than budget-devouring newspaper advertisements.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Results are instant as everything is digitized, and online. This allows you to monitor your brand performance and reach in real-time. Instantaneous revenue generation is an added bonus.
  • Easier Maneuverability of Business: Business strategy can be refined based on prompt results you get with digital marketing. This can help avert undesirable situations by making important decisions instantly.
  • Make Your Product Viral: For fresh entrepreneurs, brand recognition is the utmost priority. Digital marketing will slingshot your product to the desired customers on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and other such platforms. This will also increase business prospects and ensures your product isn’t missed.


We, at teami, offer courses in sports management, public relations, advertising among a variety of disciplines. To know more, contact us at

Events and Wedding Planner Courses

Weddings are most important part of anyone’s life. Everyone wants that his wedding should be unique and most happening. Most of the people show interest in organizing their wedding by wedding planers. Nowadays wedding planning and event planning courses are popular among the students. Wedding industry is growing worldwide annually. More precise the wedding style is more the married couple gets noticed. Although the person behind organizing the stuff will remain unnoticed but surely he/she will be the soul of wedding arrangements. So if anyone wants to become famous, he can choose career in wedding and event planning course.


Institutes for wedding planners in Bangalore suggest some tips which are beneficial in choosing these courses:

The life of a wedding planner is hectic one but no doubt he is also famous for his work in the industry. Another achievement of these courses is the beautiful smiles that come by seeing the perfect arrangements on people faces. Also, it is a perfect business and a growth area that is getting a lot of attention and growing rapidly. Wedding arrangements are the big issue of a wedding as it creates lots of stress and tension. People are so busy in their works that they have no time to take care of the arrangements of their own wedding. Wedding planner is a blessing to these couples. He helps them a lot in every small arrangement of the wedding. Also, it is a very attractive business for youngsters who want to grow in very less time.

As wedding planner is also a course so one has to get trained before starting their business. Big reality of this field is that no one going to employ you without having any training in this course from a recognized institute. For a best wedding planner, it is important to maintain and develop your reputation in the market where you want to grow your business. Before joining any institute or college the credential must be checked. If you have potential, creativity and great imagination power than this course may lead you towards the category of world famous wedding planners. So hurry up, if you are interested in these courses just enroll yourself in Teami School of new.

Planning A Perfect Wedding Reception

Planning your wedding reception entails a lot of effort and it initiates with deciding on the location and type of reception the couple desires. Don’t worry, it’s not a rocket science, provided you’re aware of imperative things that need to be covered and what’s more, you can have loads of fun with it too! Teami school of new suggests a basic checklist that you need to follow for a perfect wedding reception.

Lay down your budget

This is the next major thing, as planning your wedding reception will call for the biggest expenditure. When you go to hire the reception venue, you’ll have to provide an approximate number of guests you’re expecting on that day. Therefore, it is important to pen down your reception list; this will also give you a fair estimate of the cost per head.

Organize the photography of the reception

Definitely, you would want to preserve the photos of your reception to relive the memories few years down the line. Organize pictures with family and peers, in special groups on the stage.

Choose the food

There will always be few guests with dietary limitations, so you will have to provide vegetarian, gluten-free, and other options as required. It’s a good idea to ask your guests beforehand for advice concerning allergies. Decide how many main wedding courses and snacks you want for a sit-down dinner and make sure you check this against your budget.

Decide ceremonial aspects

Consider whether you want to have any additional ceremonial aspect for your reception. For instance, you might desire to have the garter belt removal tradition in the presence of the guests. And you may perhaps wish to shower the flowers at your reception, on the word of tradition.

Fun Facts about Public Relations

Teami school of new Explains Public Relations as:

Public Relations experts often grieve that they’re misunderstood by the common public. Many people believe they know exactly what PR does and how: study clients, cook a story, write down press releases, and reach out the masses through different channels of media. Even among the refined marketers, misconceptions about Public Relations and they we do for clients are still established. This industry is dynamic and so the tasks and responsibilities keep changing as per the trends. The industry expands its sphere of influence specifically through social media. It is fact that, once what was true about the industry may not be true any longer, and it was never simple to understand this industry.

To break these myths, listed below are some of the fun facts about Public Relation that most people don’t know.

teami school of new bangalore public relation


  • Public Relation is not about self praising or spinning. It’s about informing the people about truthful stories and enlightening brands and/or person.
  • A PR professional is often called out to be a soloist, whereas he/she is more of a conductor.
  • Every single day the PR professionals face new challenges and exercise their communications muscles by creating, strategizing, planning, speaking, presenting, etc.
  • Their job is such that they more often get access to VIPs and they find out most of the VIPs are as human beings, as we are. They are all same.
  • It’s simple not a 9 to 5 desk job. You have to do PR everywhere you go.
  • The fun factor about this job is that every day is different and unpredictable.
  • It’s true that a low-scale PR program’s expenditure is perhaps peanuts as compared to a heftily paid media schedule, but it’s still important. Budgets differ widely. The key is to meet the needs with the right PR source and approach.Also See : Public Relation Presentation

Benefits Of Studying Sport Management

teami school of new

Sport management refers to the business aspects of sports and recreation such as planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading, and evaluating. A few examples of sport managers include the front office coordination in professional sports, facility management, college sports managers, event management, recreational sport managers, sports marketing, sports economics, sport finance etc.

With the positive change in attitude towards sports in recent years, sports management and marketing has emerged as the next ideal career target among many sport enthusiasts. Teams and sport related brands today are eager to invest millions in advertising, marketing, and promotional campaigns.

Many universities and other institutions like Team.i School of new Bangalore etc. offer both bachelors and master’s degrees in sport management. Aspirants willing to make a career in sport management must pursue an academic degree program that endows them with a detailed understanding of sport, business/management, and relevant practical work experiences in the field of managing sport organizations/events.

Sports management degree is the key to access multiple job opportunities in the domain of sports. This implies that the candidate can work for professional programs like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and several other professional or lay sport leagues in terms of marketing, health, and promotions to operate behind the scenes. People involved in health and fitness related jobs get the opportunity to work more closely with famous athletes.

The average salary package of sports managers may possibly start around $35000 to $43000. Mediocre-range jobs can make somewhere between $50,000 and $80,000. High-level jobs can even make it over $100,000 annually.